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We've been doing this whole family-thing for nearly a decade and in the process, we've learned a thing or two about what it takes to raise a happy, healthy and thriving family.

Our Mission Here Is Simple:

only share with other families

things that have worked for ours

Raising a family isn't easy and we totally get that. Our family almost didn't make it and the big nasty "D" word got thrown out more than once. But we got resourceful, we got patient, and we got real. We learned that all the things in life which truly matter require daily, intentional work. Raising a child requires daily, intentional work and children matter. Cultivating a healthy marriage requires daily, intentional work and love matters. Living a healthy life requires daily, intentional work and our bodies matter. It can be so exhausting to juggle it all and when things get hard it can feel so tempting to quit--we almost did multiple times... Which is exactly why we decided to create this site. We are here to support other families because we know how hard it can be to raise a family. However, we also know it's incredibly #worthit. 

"We believe that your success in life is a direct reflection of your success at home. If you can raise a strong and thriving family, we believe you can do anything."



By sharing with you everything that's worked for us, your family might benefit in some way.

We'll be sharing helpful information on the following 5 topics:



If you're in a committed relationship this section is for you. Jeff and I will only be sharing our best and most tried and true relationship advice. After nearly a decade of trial and error our relationship has weathered so many storms and we feel blessed to be able to share our hard-earned lessons with you.  



Perhaps the most challenging and rewarding endeavor anyone could ever embark on is the journey of raising a child. The process is both long and short. Beautiful and painful. Stressful and joyous. Rewarding and exhausting. The paradox of child-rearing is one that any parent can empathize with. We'll be sharing our best tips on how we've raised a bilingual kid who eats his greens and takes his vitamins, while still being a normal, stinky little boy. 


Learning about money and mastering the art of all things personal finance is critical to your family's long-term success. Afters years of making every financial mistake you can possibly think of, Jeff and I picked ourselves up and came out stronger because of it. We look forward to sharing what we learned with you! 



Jeff is a chef. In fact, we often call him "Cheffrey" because it totally suits him. We'll be sharing some of Jeff's best recipes that are child and wife approved. Jeff loves creating meals that are predominatly gluten-free, nutrient dense, and extremely flavorful.

We hope your family enjoys his recipes as much as we do! 


If I'm being completely honest, our family would have fallen apart years ago had Jeff and I not committed ourselves to personal growth. Being a young family was very difficult for us and it came with so many challenges. We were presented with 2 choices: give up or grow. Thankfully we chose the latter and we're still together because of it. 

March 26, 2018

"Only a fool learns from his own mistakes. The wise man learns from the mistakes of others." --Otto von Bismarck

I don't know if you've ever heard the phrase "fail fast forward" but that's exactly what I did during my 20's. The first time I heard this phrase I had no id...

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