OUR          STORY

The truth is... Jeff and I never meant to start a family. We began dating back in August 2010 and decided to give our budding romance a shot. Eight months later, we found out I was pregnant. I was 22 and Jeff was 29. At the time we found out I was expecting, I was 2.5 years into in college and newly divorced (a story for another day.)


Jeff and I didn't have a home, a savings account, or a plan, but the one thing we did have was the love we felt for one another.


So we made it work.


We rented an apartment, furnished it, and worked our asses off.

10 years later, we're still together.

In the decade Jeff and I have known each other we've endured, but most importantly, we've overcome the following 10 challenges in our relationship:

  1. An unplanned pregnancy

  2. The death of my father during my pregnancy

  3. Getting me through college with a child

  4. Buying our 1st home and maintaining it

  5. Almost foreclosing on our home 

  6. Acquiring $45K of CC Debt 

  7. Crashing and totaling 2 cars

  8. Managing my postpartum depression for 4 years

  9. Marital trauma which led to marriage counseling

  10. Extreme financial strain which almost led to divorce

To say that Jeff and I were unprepared to start a family is a massive understatement. We had none of the things we "should have had" when I got pregnant at 22. We weren't married, we didn't own a home, I didn't have a college degree, I didn't own a car, I didn't have a job or a savings account, I had no credit, and I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life, let alone someone else's life (my son's). Young motherhood was really taxing on our relationship and it took years for me to overcome my feelings of shame, depression, and overwhelm. 

But, after a decade of trial and error and more failed attempts than I care to count, I can hold my head and heart up high and say...


Despite the odds being absolutely stacked against us, we made it anyway. We pushed through and refused to give up. Why? Because our family is worth it. And we believe your family is worth it, too. If we can positively impact even just 1 family, we'll sleep like babies tonight.

We truly hope you find value in the content we share and we hope that if you do, you'll share it with others who might benefit as well.

Con Mucho Amor,

La Familia Milligan


Jeff, Founder Of Clan Milligan 

Self-proclaimed crystal guru, family chef, maker of dinero and lover of all things "natural healing". Jeff enjoys rehabilitating plants mommy has almost killed, cooking with lots of garlic and ghee, and fishing with Liam in Waterton Canyon. Jeff loves drinking tea and taking his vitamins but he'll never refuse a good whiskey. He enjoys reading bedtime stories in his Scottish accent and making witty comments that both his wife and son never know how to respond to. Jeff can currently be found home-schooling his 8 year old from his 1960's home in Aurora, Colorado whilst attempting to maintain both his real estate career and his sanity.


Victoria, Co-Founder Of Clan Milligan

Victoria, otherwise known as "Mommy" or "Liam's mom" loves coffee just as much as she loves her family. She enjoys pretending to be healthy by occasionally drinking green juice but often sneaks cookies and fruit snacks when her husband isn't looking. Victoria can currently be found  indefinitely picking up Jeff and Liam's dirty socks off the floor and listening to Latin cardio on Spotify while she washes 437 dishes per day and *attempts* to keep her home organized and beautiful. Even though her attempts at cleanliness are usually futile, she can't deny that her home is well lived in and well loved.


Liam, Offspring & Clan Member Since 2011

Liam is the reason why daddy is losing all his hair and mommy has wrinkles around her eyes from smiling. He is a lover of all things Pokemon and enjoys playing his piano and ukulele. Liam has been attending a bilingual Montessori school since he was 3 and knows how to read, write, and speak in both English and Spanish. Currently, you'll find Liam at home wearing an oversized t-shirt, complaining about doing school work or chores and eating oranges or seaweed (his go-to snacks). If Liam could, he would eat ramen or stroganoff for dinner every day while watching Science Max on Youtube Kids.