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Raising Businesses and Babies Is Only For Badass Moms (like you!)

Welcome to a haven for badass moms who want it all: the baby, the business, lifestyle & love.

Mama, I don't know know about you, but after having my son in 2011 I became really sick and tired of hearing that my life was over just because I had a kid. I was tired of people telling me I wouldn't be able to travel and have the career and freedom I desired just because I was a mom. I'll admit, I did fall victim to hearing this toxic rhetoric over and over again. Eventually, I believed this limiting jargon and became jaded, resentful and bitchy. This negative message was making me miserable, so last year I called bull on it and decided to redesign my life. I needed to prove to myself that I could still pursue my dreams and be a kick-ass mom to my son. #Bossmom was born out of my burning desire to prove to myself and to mothers everywhere that life does not stop after having babies. Do we have to work harder to achieve our goals? Yes. Do we have to be more intentional with our time? Absolutely. Do we need to master the art of balance? You bet.

But is the juice really worth the squeeze? More than you will ever know. Mama, I am here to tell you and to show you that you do NOT have to settle for whatever society is telling you to be, do or have just because you're a mom.

Your life and what you make of it is 100% up to you, not up to the opinions of everyone else.

Mama, you and only you are in control of your life, your future, your lifestyle and your finances. Which brings me to the purpose of my brand and what it represents.

#Bossmom was created to : shatter the limiting beliefs about motherhood and give you useful content that inspires and encourages you to take action and become your own boss. I want to teach you how to make money with your children so you can have the lifestyle and freedom you deserve.

I believe the key to a mother's happiness lies in her ability to have a healthy relationship with the following 7 areas of her life:

  1. Herself

  2. Her children

  3. Her significant other

  4. Her family & friends

  5. Her finances

  6. Her career

  7. Her Home

The goal for #Bossmom is to provide you with content that is relevant to these 7 areas.

I want to give you content that is brief yet informative, simple yet engaging and most importantly, I want to give you content that will encourage you to take action and become your own boss!

With dishes, and laundry and after-school activities I get that our schedules are already a little nutty. That's why it is my job to distill information and only give you content that is relevant and value-packed so you can apply it immediately and enhance the quality of your life.

Let me confess something to you for a moment: I have a huge soft spot for modern day moms. We are under so much pressure to perform and appear perfect in all the areas of our lives. We feel the need to throw Pinterest-worthy parties for our kids, have beautiful IKEA-looking homes, have a body that is "bikini-ready", a buzzing social circle, a cool lifestyle to boast about on Instagram and a sex life that Cosmo would be proud of. Its ridiculous how much is expected of the modern day mother! Which probably has you wondering why on earth I would ever encourage mothers to dabble with entrepreneurship and become their own boss ON TOP OF everything else we already do!?

And the answer to that (very reasonable question) is simple:

Entrepreneurship buys us more time to do the things we love with the people we love.


Yes, becoming our own boss is much, much harder than dropping our kids off at daycare and working our traditional 9-5 but the choice to become our own boss has a tremendous payout in the form of time freedom and financial freedom. And let me tell you ladies, nothing compares to having the freedom to control your own schedule, your money and time.

When you make the choice to become a #Bossmom your money revolves around your life, not the other way around.

To wrap things up, just remember ladies: it's 2016 not 1950. You no longer need to choose between having a dream family or a dream lifestyle. The lifestyle, the baby, the money, the marriage--you can have it all--and I am here to show you how.

Let's do this!

Besos Bella Mama,


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