• Victoria Garcia

12 Reasons Moms Make Incredible Entrepreneurs

Mama you probably don't know this but, you actually make for an insanely powerful entrepreneur just for being a mom. Our kiddos force us to develop skills that are completely relevant in a business setting and actually complement entrepreneurship perfectly. I think we totally sell ourselves short and underestimate how many business skills we already have and can apply today to the start or growth of our business--sans MBA!

Mama, I'm here to tell you that if you are thinking of starting a business you already have what it takes!

And the following list proves it:

1.) We are naturally selfless

Starting a business, creating a product or offering a service is all about having someone else's best interest in mind--your client. In order to have massive succees in your business you have to offer massive value to your customers. Moms naturally learn to offer massive value because we do it every day for our kids!

Just through one mom, our kids get: a personal chef, a dietician, a chauffer, a play mate, a nurse, a therapist, a singer, a butt-wiper, a booger-picker, an accountant, a house maid, a personal stylist, a life coach, a teacher and a "just about anything" service that is always available to them Monday-Sunday, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and is in operation 365 days a year (including holidays) and doesn't include sick days.

Now, I'm not Warren Buffet or anything, but that's a pretty solid deal for the kid if you ask me.

2.) We are bold

Our kids make you do super-hero like things we never thought we could do before. Think of the "mama-cub" phenomenon. Maybe prior to having kids you were non-confrontational, kept to yourself and tried to stay out of people's way. After having kids? All that changes. You learn to stick up for yourself and your preferred parenting style but mostly, you learn to stick up for your kids because their survival (or lack thereof) depends on your ability to be bold. Is that kid at the park pushing your kid around and being a tool? You bet you're going to get up and say something! Is that idiot manager at the restaurant giving you grief because you're breastfeeding? Hell yea you're going to tell him off. Mothers gain some sort of superhuman strength that arrives the day their kids are born. Business requires boldness too. It requires you to stand up and speak in front of investors, business owners, clients or an audience. It requires you to be passionate and believe in your brand, service or product. Running a business requires a tremendous confidence, and confidence is the offspring of boldness.

3.) We are organized

Ok, our homes don't look like The Container Store catalog but even the messiest moms figure out a way to stay somewhat organized because well, we have to! Laundry piles, crazy schedules, homework assignments, drop offs, pick ups, making dinner, planning date nights, house chores, play rooms you name it we have to stay organized or our homes and lives fall apart. In business, oraganization is imperative to running a successful company. With invoices and deadlines, phone calls and meetings, if you aren't organized, your business suffers and since moms are natural organizers we make fantastic business women.

4.) We are creative

Starting a business takes some serious innovation and creativity. From creating a detailed business strategy to designing a cool brand that resonates with your target market, entrepreneurship requires massive amounts of creativity. Moms are naturally creative since we're constantly searching for and implementing creative mom hacks that make our lives easier and our day to day routines simpler.

5.) We learn patience

Raising a baby and building a business takes massive amounts of patience. No one learns patience faster than a mother. Period.

6.) We are thrifty

Starting a business isn't cheap--and neither are babies. We are hard-wired to be thrifty because we have to be! Managing a food budget comes in handy when you're trying to manage a marketing budget and thank goodness our kids teach us how to be savvy spenders because start-up costs are no joke.

7.) We have the most powerful "Why's" on the planet

I seriously don't know of a more powerful "why" for a woman, than her own child. Even if you were an absolute sloth prior to having kids, you turn into a jack rabbit after procreating. All the sudden you have a hungry mouth to feed, a dirty butt to wipe and a mortgage and bills to pay. The expenses are never ending so you hustle, and you figure out creative ways to pay for it all.

Our children end up becoming our greatest motivators to be more, do more, earn more and give more because the love we feel for them is more powerful than anything we've felt before!

In order for us to give our kiddos the best, we must first become the best.

Our children are the main reason WHY we do all that we do.

8.) We are great negotiators

Ok, our motherly negotiation skills aren't really relevant when our babies are still making spit bubbles and speaking elfish but as soon as they start talking, watch out! Kids are always trying to negotiate with their parents. They negotiate for less nap time, more movie time, just one little toy from Target or just two more minutes at the park. Our kids are constantly trying to negotiate with us for everything and if you know anything about business, you know that negotiation is a huge part of closing a deal. Thank goodness our kids give us all that practice!

9.) We master the art time-management

Doesn't time seem to speed up once you have kids? After having our babies we become hyper aware of quickly time goes by because our babies change and morph right before our eyes! As we watch our kids grow, literally from one day to the next, we become acutely aware of just how fast the clock is ticking. This awareness of time's rapid pace translates into us becoming master #timeslayers. We become extremely good at making time for things that matter to us because we learn how to time block effectively and make use of every second we have. This is incredibly useful when it comes to building a business because when you're an entrepreneur there is so much work that needs to be done up front and there are only so many hours in a day. Lucky for us, we already have years of time-management skills on our side that work in our favor while we build our business.

10.) We become people persons

Business is the business of people, and if you aren't a people person, you're kind of screwed. Even if you were totally antisocial before having a baby, your kid most likely brought out the social butterfly in you! We become social because our kids talk to everyone and have no shame about it. They are natural ice breakers and help to break up that awkward space bubble that adults always carry with them. Our kids help us become totally cool with talking to strangers 20X a day because that's exactly what happens when we take them to parks, museums, zoos, mall play areas, birthday parties, school and sporting events where there are THOUSANDS of other parents. And what do we do when the kids are busy chasing each other? We stand there and stare at them while we strike up a convo with a fellow staring parent. Having the ability to just talk to anyone is a skill, and its a skill that most of us moms have. And when it comes to business, this skill is absolutely imperative. Thanks offspring!

11.) Our definition of "hard" changes after having kids.

Raising a business is hard, but its cake compared to raising a baby. I remember being scared and intimidated by so many things prior to becoming a mom and after the experience of having an unmedicated birth and pushing out a 9lb baby from my delicate nether regions, my definition of "hard" changed immediately.

Oh, and don't even get me started on breastfeeding a little boy. The point is mama, if you are currently raising a baby or soon will be, trust me, there is nothing more challenging than that. The word "hard" becomes a joke, and you suddenly aren't scared to try things you might have never done before (like starting a business and becoming your own #Bossmom which, in the beginning is very hard yes, but not compared to raising that little babe of yours!)

12.) We become a better human after having one

You kind of can't change the world if you are stuck in your own head. Our kids teach us how to care for something much, much greater than ourselves When you are starting a business, you can't just care about making buckets of money. There has to be a strong vision and a purpose behind your desire to start a business and when you learn to place your ego aside for a moment, magical things begin to happen. When we had our babies, we stopped being the protagonist of our lives. We started to see life through our baby's eyes, and think like they think, see what they see and feel what they feel. We become an empathizer, and in business, empathizing is a critical skill to have. The most successful entrepreneurs solve huge problems that cause people lots of pain and inconvenience. Motherhood teaches us to think like a problem-solver not an excuse-maker because we learn to see life through someone else's eyes--our child's. We suddenly have a cause much greater than ourselves and that cause gives us unparalleled strength and a competitive advantage. In motherhood, the cause we fight for is the happiness and well-being of your children. In business, the cause we fight for is the solution to the problems we solve for our customers. But in the end, equation is the same.

You - Ego = Amazing selfless plan to make the world a better place!

For our children and our clients.

If you are raising tiNY human

there is serisouly nothing you can't do mama