• Victoria Garcia

Want to Raise A Kickass Kid? Be A Kickass Mom.

Hands down one of my favorite things about being an entrepreneur is the fact the my son is witnessing my evolution.

I've brought him to countless business meetings with me and I've even had Skype calls with him standing at my hip. Having him bear witness to this slow and steady entrepreneurial climb has been one of the best #bossmom perks I just never saw coming.

Yesterday I did something I've never done before, and my son was there to witness the whole thing.

I spoke on a business panel.

It was kind of a big moment for me because I suppose it proved that I've actually learned enough along my journey to add value to someone's life.

As I was giving my portion of the presentation, I peeked over my left shoulder and saw my 4 year old cupping his eyes through a glass window and waving at me while I spoke.

It was in that moment that I realized just how fortunate I was to literally be raising my business right alongside my baby.

It was like living a dream.

I felt accomplished as a woman.

Proud as a mother.

Fulfilled as a wife.

And confident as a business owner.

And I'm only 27.

Having a child when you're young comes with incredible perks and its a shame that hardly anyone discusses all the perks of young motherhood because there are just so many!

Unfortunately, our self-centered American culture teaches us that:

A.) Children are a burden and you probably shouldn't have them because they will interfere with your super cool lifestyle and your career goals will either become hindered or completely irrelevant or,

B.) If you do choose to have children, then you should probably wait until you are in your mid 30's or early 40's once you've graduated college, traveled the world, gotten married, bought a house, added six figures to your account and amassed at least a decade of professional work experience.

And to be totally transparent with you, that was my plan.

I wanted to be one of those moms who had all her ducks in a row before procreating.

But my story could not have been further from this well-paved, conventional path.

When I got pregnant I was in college, recently divorced, had about $350 in a checking account, renting a room, definitely not married, had absolutely nothing to my name, no degree, no formal job. Nothing. I was just some chick in her early 20's who got knocked up by her boyfriend shortly after divorcing her husband.

Total mom material.

But now, almost six years after peeing on that pregnancy stick I can tell you with utmost certainty that this unconventional path has been two things:

A.) The hardest thing I ever did for myself

B.) The best thing I ever did for my son

My son has a mother who transformed herself from nothing to something right before his eyes.

He's witnessed the evolution of a mother who went from being weak and scared shitless to a mother who can speak in front of a room of over 100 people and stand her ground.

The greatest gift I ever gave my son was showing him how to take fear and shove it.

Our children don't learn from what we say, they learn from what we DO.

I've gone against the grain in every possible way by choosing to take a much harder path in life. But the gift of my struggle, the rose that has bloomed among so many thorns, is the opportunity I've given my son to bear witness to the capacity of human potential through the personal evolution of his own mother.

What a waste it would have been to go through peak years of unparalleled personal growth and not have my own child cheer me on from the sidelines and witness his mother transform her life and chase her dreams right before his eyes.

The greatest gift I could ever give my son is the gift of my example.

If I want great things for him, I have to show him great things.

And the greatest things I can show him are my sense of fortitude, my resilience, my grit and my tireless determination to chase my dreams.

Your dreams are worth it mama.

Go chase them.

And show your kids that their dreams are worth it, too.

Besos Bella Mama