• Victoria Garcia

Closing Deals In Dirty Heels: Confessions About Patience and Perseverance

During a time when everything we could ever want to know or buy is just a Google search away, developing something like patience takes well, patience.

When I first started my #bossmom journey I had old heels and pit-stained button downs to wear for business meetings. My “business attire” was less than sub-par. It was just sad and ever so gross. For years I desperately wanted to invest in nice shoes and trendy business clothes but everything was just so damn expensive! I can’t tell you how many times I tried on something I loved and had to leave it in the dressing room and take a picture of my reflection and move on. For a couple years I avoided clothing stores completely because there was just no point of going. For many client meetings I just wore what I had: A pair of sad, stained heels with a sad, stained button down.

It took crazy amounts of patience to wait years to buy new clothes and it took a lot of self-discipline to make sure I was shredding Express coupons as soon as I got them in the mail and avoiding the H&M business section at all costs.

But, I’m happy to say that just last week I purchased my first 3-piece “babe suit” with shiny new heels to match. And let me tell you mama, never have I ever felt so legit! It's amazing what a new outfit and heels can do for your confidence.

Closing deals in dirty heels is officially a sad memory of my past (thank goodness) but it taught me a couple valuable lessons.

1.) If your goals are great, your sacrifices will be great too.

2.) Humility. It's a thing. We all gotta’ start somewhere...

I knew that in order for me to be responsible with our family’s money, I couldn’t just take myself on epic shopping sprees and buy whatever the hell I wanted. I needed to be very patient and wait until the time was right. I needed to train my impulses and control my desires and realize that although we are living in an age of abundance where everything we could ever want is literally just a click and a swipe away, some things are simply not that easy. Anything that is ever really "worth it" will require massive, COLOSSAL amounts of patience and force us to dig deep down into our core and figure out if we are truly willing to scrape up the persistence and patience required to achieve our goals.

For me, the journey to become my own boss had no shortcut. I once read a quote that said, “There is no elevator to success. You have to take the stairs." For me, it became very apparent early on that if I wanted to be my own boss, I needed to take the long way. I needed to take the path that was harder and un-paved. I needed to take the path that didn’t offer cozy resting areas with free water and hot coffee. I needed to take the way that required an almost spiritual form of patience and perseverance in order to arrive at my goals. I needed to realize that even though we are living in a time of rapid growth and incredible medical and technological advancements, it still takes a woman 9 months to create a human and it still takes a bamboo seed FIVE years to become a tree. The bamboo and the baby don't care how fast your Wi-Fi is, or that you can afford to pay over-night shipping on that new gadget you ordered on Amazon, some things simply can't be over-nighted. And that's ok.

Anything that will ever be truly worthy of your time and effort will require prodigious patience seasoned with a healthy portion of faith, and topped off with a heaping ration of perseverance and grit.

For me, obtaining my goals meant abstaining from purchasing clothes. It was my way of proving to myself my capacity to be patient and also, my way of proving to myself how badly I wanted to be a #bossmom. I knew that in order to achieve what I truly wanted, I needed to make investments in other areas of my life that took precedence over buying clothes.


But now, the reaping season has begun.

The harvest has begun to show it’s abundance from years and years of tireless sowing. Soon, closing deals in dirty heels will simply be a tough memory of my past but a memory that was worth every stain, ever tear and every dirt particle.

Remember mama, this road to becoming a #bossmom won’t be easy. It will require tremendous sacrifice and bold patience.

But the journey is worth it. So, so worth it.

Every stain in your heels is a relic from your journey, a reminder that you are one step closer to achieving a life of financial freedom and time freedom.

And trust me, there is no greater gift to give your child than the gift of your time and the gift of peace that comes with financial security.

Keep rocking it mama.

I'm cheering for you every step of the way.

Besos Bella Mama