• Victoria Garcia

The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective #Bossmoms

I've been balancing my business and my baby for over a year now, and although I'm no expert, I have learned a ton of invaluable lessons that I’m ready to share.

Because I've gone through periods of complete overwhelm and hysteria, I've learned how to effectively cope with stress which has allowed me to focus on prioritizing my priorities. Raising a business while raising a baby at first, seems like a joke. The voyage appears so impossible it’s almost not even worth contemplating. But I have to say, that while this path IS incredibly challenging and I’ve probably gained more wrinkles this past year than I ever have in my life, in just 12 months I’ve learned lessons that might have otherwise taken me 12 years to learn.

Mama, this path to becoming a #bossmom will not be easy. It will probably be the hardest thing you’ve ever done in your life but the rewards waiting for you at the end of your voyage will be so worth the pain of your journey.

Think of it like giving birth. Labor is quite possibly the worst physical pain a woman will ever feel in her life but the reward at the end of her pain is her baby. Holding your sweet, warm newborn after enduring hours of excruciating pain is worth every bit of suffering. Think of growing your business like going through labor. Becoming your own boss is a labor of love. It requires support, commitment and an unwavering sense of trust that at the end of your difficult labor, you will be rewarded with an awesome gift. Throughout this labor of becoming my own boss, I’ve discovered 7 habits that have directly influenced my ability to grow into an efficient business owner and a great mom. I want to share with you these 7 habits that have transformed me into a highly effective #bossmom allowing me to close deals on weekdays, and take my baby to pumpkin patches on the weekends.

Habit #1) Put Yourself First

I’m sorry but, if your oxygen mask isn't on first, your kids are screwed when you pass out. Mama, you absolutely cannot be an effective mother or business owner if you are constantly putting your needs and priorities last. Taking the time to take care of yourself first is not selfish, it’s selfLESS! Think of it this way: If you were about to go in for brain surgery, would you want your surgeon to go into surgery feeling exhausted and stressed? Or would you want your surgeon to go into surgery feeling relaxed and rested? I think we both know the answer to this... By choosing to take care of yourself first you’re choosing to give the best version of yourself to your kids, your spouse and your business.

Action Step: Wake up 1-2 hours earlier than your kids and begin your day doing something you love. For example: When I wake up early I make myself some bullet proof coffee, I read some of my favorite books or I skim through magazines I haven’t finished. The idea is to take that extra hour or two in the morning to do something exclusively for YOU! Whatever it is that fills your soul, do it first thing in the morning before your day begins. By the time your kids wake up, you’ll feel so happy and satisfied you’ll actually look forward to them getting out of bed so you can snuggle them with all that extra love you'll be filled with.

Habit #2) Prioritize your priorities

Mama, I cannot stress enough how important it is to figure out what your priorities are. Figure out what your goals are then prioritize them! If you have no clue what your priorities are here’s a couple tips to get you started.

Action Step: Make a list of 20 goals you want to accomplish in one year. It can be a combination of personal goals and professional goals like “teach my child how to swim and profit $10k in one month.” Whatever your goals are, write them down on a piece of paper or in your favorite journal. Then, narrow down your 20 goals to only three. The narrowing down process is really difficult but it will help give you clarity on the things that truly matter to you. The 17 items that didn’t make the list, get put on stand-by until you accomplish the three that did make your list. Once you accomplish your top 3 priorities, repeat the process and move on to your next three until all 20 or your goals are accomplished. See? Easy peasy.

Habit #3) Figure out when you have free time and maximize it

Nap time, school time, early mornings or late evenings are typically when us moms get sh*t done. Figure out which intervals of time are best for you and use this precious time to slay like the boss that you are. Personally, I use nap time and school time to book meetings, work on proposals and schedule phone calls with clients. I’m not a night owl so I make sure I use my time during the day as efficiently as possible because after I tuck my son in, I’m pretty much ready to tuck myself in too. Know which times of the day you are most productive and stick to those times to work exclusively on your priorities. Don’t you dare do dishes or laundry during nap time (unless you want to offend the nap time Gods…)

Action Step: Make a quick list of all the times during the day when you have 20 minutes or more of uninterrupted time to yourself. Next, figure out which intervals of free time you are most alert and productive. If your days are jam-packed with activities, use evenings to work but set a limit because you don’t want to be a zombie in the morning! If your days are busy and you’re just too tired in the evening, then get up early and start working after you’ve invested some time for yourself. Us moms don’t have a ton of down time so, think quality over quantity. If you invest only 20 minutes a day to growing your business over the course of a year, that’s 7,200 hours! Consistency is queen. Make yourself a cup of coffee and CRANK!

Habit #4) Create a schedule for yourself and stick to it

Basically anytime you’re not being a mom, is a time when you should focus on being a #bossmom. Create a schedule for yourself and stick to it! When you don’t have a supervisor hovering over your shoulder it’s too easy to get distracted and scroll through Facebook or double tap on Instagram (trust me, I am totally guilty of this) but when you’re trying to get something important accomplished distraction is the ultimate enemy! Remember, your goals and dreams require discipline so help yourself out by creating a cool work place that inspires you to stay focused, cozy and driven.

Action Step: If you haven’t already invested in a nice planner BUY ONE. Breaking down your goals into small action steps helps make your goals more achievable. Little wins every day leads to massive wins at the end of the year. If you don’t have a planner, just use a wall calendar for now. Plan your entire week on Sunday evening and assign your top 3 goals for the week. Ideally, your three weekly goals should be small steps to help you achieve your three yearly goals. For example, if one of my yearly goals is to profit $10k in one month, one of my weekly goals should be to email 14 potential leads on LinkedIn. So if my weekly goal is to email 14 leads on LinkedIn my daily goal should be to email 2 leads per day, which is something that is totally achievable in a 20 minute time period.

Habit #5) Get Rid Of Your excess Crap

There is no time suck more obnoxious than a home. Constantly having to tackle house work is NOT conducive to closing deals or hanging out with your kids on a sunny afternoon. After being a housewife for nearly 10 years (see the “About" section) I can say without a shadow of a doubt that running an efficient home comes down to 1 thing: Getting rid of 90% of your crap. Mama it’s not rocket science: the less stuff you have, the less stuff you have to deal with. Period. Frankly, I would much rather use my time to pursue my passions or and hang out with loved ones instead of folding endless piles of laundry or loading a zillion dishes into the dishwasher. The less stuff you own, the less your stuff owns you.

Action Step: One way you can begin cleansing your home of unnecessary clutter is by asking yourself these questions: “Is this item useful to me? Does it add beauty or value to my home and life?” If your answer is no, get rid of it. For the kitchen, any duplicates can be donated. For example, you don’t need two cheese graters and two veggie strainers. One of each will do. For the closet, you can apply a 1 in 1 out rule. Every time you buy a new pair of jeans, one goes out. Or every time you buy a new pair of shoes, one pair goes out. Apply this rule to your kiddos’ clothes and toys too. This is a HUGE way to keep clutter under control and it greatly reduces the amount of time you spend cleaning and organizing all your stuff. #SimpleIsSexy

Habit #6) Create Daily Home Habits

Trust me on this one, a well-run home will add years to your life--and your marriage. When everyone in the home knows exactly what is expected of them every day, things just run smoothly. When you’re a #bossmom your home is your office space and your living space. If your home is a chaotic mess, your business and life will be too. Our environment is a reflection of our interior so make sure your environment is conducive to achieving your goals. Throughout the course of a year, I’ve created some daily home habits that have made our lives infinitely easier. The goal of creating daily home habits is to streamline your home life so your day to day activities run as smoothly as possible. If your home is easy to manage you won’t be tempted to clean and organize it when it’s time to sit down and focus on growing your business. Check out the action steps below to read about some simple home habits we’ve applied that have made our busy days easier to manage.

Action Step: Make sure kitchen your kitchen is clean before you go to bed so when you wake up in the morning you’re not having to wash dirty dishes from the night before in order to make breakfast. Do Laundry on set days of the week (like Wednesday/Sunday) and stick to the same schedule every week. For us, laundry day is always Sunday so we can start our week with fresh clothes. Create a morning station for yourself and for your kids. Set out clothes, keys, phone, purse, back pack, water bottles, lunch boxes, shoes, coats, anything you need for the following morning, prepare it the night before so you aren’t rushing out of the house and then constantly having to come back in because you forgot something. The idea is to make your mornings easy and streamlined not chaotic and rushed.

Habit #7) Always ask for help when you need it. Don't suffer quietly.

I’ve gotten really good at asking for help. We are social animals and we are not meant to bull doze our way through life and face all its challenges on our own. Find a tribe who will support you, your family and your goals and ask them for help when you need it. If you want to thrive, set your pride aside. Although us moms are badass female slayers, we are not invincible warriors that can’t be defeated. No great achievement is ever accomplished without the help of a strong and loyal team. We are only as strong as our support system, so make sure you have a group of people in your life that you and your children can depend on no matter what.

Action Step: If you already have a strong support system, congrats! Make it stronger! Tell more people you love and trust what you are trying to achieve and literally ask them if they will support you. I doubt they will say no, and if they do, don’t be offended just move on and find somebody else. If you don’t have a strong support system and are looking to cultivate one, start by hanging out with like-minded people. Find a group or start a group for people who are on a similar path as you. Ideally, you want to have a support group that is in close proximity to you but having an online support group can be just as beneficial as having an in-person support group. Try looking on Meetup.com for groups that reflect your values and attend one of their meet ups!

Final Thoughts...

I’m sure through the years I will add to this list and perhaps tweak and perfect some of these 7 habits that over the past 12+ months have served me so well. My hope is that even if you just apply one of these habits to your life, you’ll experience enough of a positive change that you’ll be inspired to apply the rest or even create some of your own highly effective habits that will help you become a competent and confident #bossmom!

If you’ve developed some cool habits that have helped you run a successful family, business, life and home I’d love to hear what they are! Head over to my Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/hashtagbossmom77 and share your highly effective habits with our group!

Mama, it is my mission and purpose to empower every mother to raise a business right beside her baby. We need to make money somehow, we might as well make it by becoming our own boss. Our children are NOT a hinderance to our lives and goals. Don’t allow anyone to make you think that you can’t start a business just because you’re a mom. We are women dammit! God has entrusted us with the tremendous gift and responsibility of pregnancy, birth, nursing and raising the next generation of leaders because He knows what we are capable of! He made us strong on purpose so don’t prove Him wrong! We are meant to be mothers and we are meant to raise our children right beside our dreams.

Chase those dreams of financial independence mama, don’t give up on them! I’ll be right here cheering you along and supporting you with helpful tips that have helped make my journey to becoming a #bossmom easier, more enjoyable and deeply blessed.

Let’s do this!

Besos Bella Mama