• Victoria Garcia

5 Reasons I Love Being Married To My Business Partner

There’s no way on earth I would be anywhere near where I am today without my husband’s support. In fact, his support and love throughout my #bossmom journey has been so inspiring I decided to write about it because I want women, girlfriends, wives and mothers to know that you should never settle for a partner who doesn’t fully support your dreams, ambitions goals and values. Find someone who will be your Samwise Gamgee (Lord Of The Rings reference) while you embark on your epic mission to becoming a self-sustaining, independent #bossmom.

Likewise, there will be moments in your relationship where the roles must switch and YOU will have to become your partner's Samwise Gamgee. Switching supportive roles with your spouse gives you the opportunity to develop leadership skills within your marriage that will allow you to thrive and be successful for the long haul.

Jeff has had the opportunity to support me and my dreams and I've had the privilege of supporting his as well. I snapped this pic several weeks ago at Banana Republic when Jeff was shopping around for #dadboss clothes to wear for a really important business meeting he had the following day. I feel so proud watching this man I love evolve and tap into his true potential. And as a mother, I'm thrilled that my son has an inspiring male role model as a father.

P.S. The meeting my husband had went extremely well! Plenty of good news to come... ;)

For 14 months I've been hustling my dreams and my husband has been busy hustling his, we finally decided to join efforts and become business partners. Two heads always think better than one, but two heads that are combined with two hearts create revolutions and movements that transcend space and time. Jeff and I are not here to play small. We know we are given 1 shot at life and we are here to win. Winning, as we define it, means creating a life for our family that is abundant in all aspects, not just monetary. We want to live abundant lives filled with love and compassion, optimum health, exciting adventures, thriving relationships and world-wide contribution. We want to leave a message for our son and for generations to come that if you want to succeed at business, you must first succeed at love. We all start with the foundation of home, and if we create an environment of leadership, support, love, optimism, persistence and growth in our home, our children and our spouses are bound to thrive in their careers and lives.

Below I’ve listed my top 5 reasons why I absolutely love being married to my business partner and soul mate, Jeff.

1.) We trust each other

You simply cannot run a business or do business with someone you don’t trust. So, who better to do business with than your own spouse? I know that every suggestion or piece of advice my husband gives me is in my best interest. There are no hidden agendas nor selfish motives to fear because we both know that what benefits one person, benefits us both. There is a complete sense of trust in our relationship which allows us to make big, important decisions together as a team. We’re able to walk confidently down a new and unpaved path together because we know we have each other’s backs and hearts.

2.) We turn our dates into business meetings

You might as well make date night profitable, right?

Over the summer Jeff and I went to one of our favorite coffee shops here in Denver called Cork and Coffee to have a business date. Before going I said to him, “Let’s have a business meeting together and turn it into a date!” We dropped off Liam with my mom, grabbed sharpies and a big note pad ordered wine and coffee. Sipping and smiling, we started cranking out ideas for an upcoming proposal we had. It was really fun to see my husband in a new role as Jeff the business executive instead of Jeff my husband. The date was perfect and genuinely fun! We got a lot done and we were able to connect in a way we hadn’t before. Going on business dates with the hubby is kind of like my new favorite thing now.

3.) We celebrate our wins together and support our failures

The day I received my first check in the mail from a client, I waited to open the envelope until my husband got home from work. We put our son to bed and sat at our kitchen table with a bottle of red wine and an un-opened envelope containing a check. I said to him, “Babe, the only reason this envelope is sitting here on our table right now is because you chose to support me. You supported me financially, emotionally and physically through the 14 months it took to get to this point. Thank you for making this moment possible for us.” I cried. We kissed. We opened the envelope and popped open the bottle.

On the other hand, Jeff and I have had many nights with no money and no wine. We’ve had weeks where our account was in the negative, bills were past due and we had to spread $80 cash to feed 3 people for 7 days. Our highs have been glorious and our lows have been soul-crushing. But the amazing thing about being married while you’re growing a business is the fact that you always have someone to support you when you want to quit and someone to clink wine glasses with when you want to celebrate. Failure is less painful and success tastes sweeter when you savor it with someone you love.

4.) We bring each other new business

Obviously the more we support each others’ business endeavors, the more BOTH of us us win. When it comes to referring business to my husband or having him refer business to me, it’s a no brainer. Every time I go to networking events I’m always mindful of potential connections that might be a good fit for my husband. Likewise, Jeff has referred business and leads to me as well through the people he meets in his network.

5.) We close deals as a team

Several months ago, I asked my husband to come to a business meeting with me to help me close a potential client I really wanted to work with. My husband agreed, and we both went into the business meeting together as business partners. I simply introduced my husband as my business partner "Jeff" and left it at that. The meeting actually went extremely well and we scheduled a follow up meeting to present our proposal together a week later. Several days before our second meeting Jeff and I went into a coffee shop (the one I mentioned above, Cork and Coffee) and spent a good 3 hours brainstorming all our talking points and how we would eloquently present our proposal.

Finally, the big day came and we met with the business owners to close the deal. I must admit, Jeff and I totally bombed our proposal but at that point we had already built such a solid relationship with the business owners that they decided to close the deal with us anyway. The experience of having done this with my husband was priceless. I already knew we had good chemistry as parents, friends and lovers and adding “business partners” to the mix was like adding sparklers to a cake.

I believe marriage is more than just an exchange of vows.

Marriage is an exchange of beliefs and values and dreams.

You have to be willing to support your partners’ wild and crazy dreams and respect their values and beliefs even if they differ from your own.

Find someone you love and share your dreams with them.

if you’re lucky and strategic, your dreams will become theirs and theirs will become yours.

Keep Dreaming

Keep Loving

Keep Hustling

Besos Bella Mama