• Victoria Garcia

What A Trump Presidency Means For American Mothers

Before I get too into this, I want you to know that it is my intention to make this political post as un-political as possible. I have no desire to get into heated debates with anyone nor do I care who you supported during this year's election.

This is about something much deeper than private email servers and narcissism.

I’m talking of course, about our children.

No matter who you voted for, one day you and I will be old and retired and our children will be the ones running this country. When we are gone, our children will be the ones who are out there voting and making huge decisions for our nation and for their future families. It is our responsibility as their parents to shape and mold these little humans we made into becoming men and women who represent our values and eventually become better versions of who we are. A solid foundation always starts at home and home is wherever you are. Values, dignity and a sense of ethics comes from the multitude of micro discussions you have with your child on a day to day basis. When you pull your child aside to have a discussion with them because they shoved someone at the park, you are helping to instill values. When you explain to your child why there are certain words they aren’t allowed to use in their vocabulary, you are helping to instill values. When your child yells at you because they’re upset and you explain that yelling is disrespectful, you are helping to instill values. Creating a solid foundation of morals and shaping a behavior pattern that encourages compassion and respect starts with YOU.

If you are dissatisfied with the characteristics and values of our president (I am not talking about his capacity to lead or his business skills) then the best thing you can do is model the characteristics and values you want your children to have when they become adults. Regardless of who is leading our nation, and regardless of your opinion of our nation’s new leader, one thing remains the same: life goes on. The sun still rises every morning and our children are still growing and learning from our behavior every day. The only thing we can do if we feel upset or betrayed by our political system, is committing to raise the next generation the best way we see fit for their future and for the future of others. It is my sincere hope that the new father of our country commits to “raising his nation” the best way he sees fit.

America, I can’t promise you a country without racism and hate. I can’t promise you a country without sexism and violence. I can’t promise you a country that doesn’t value honesty and doesn’t promote respect for all people regardless of gender, race, religion or sexuality. America I can’t promise you the country you and I would love to have, both for ourselves and our families, but what I can promise you is this:


For you, I promise to raise a little boy who sees people as humans and not commodities, votes, numbers, skin-colors, religions, or toys. I promise to raise a little boy with a healthy sense of dignity and an unshakeable foundation that will become the platform to his ascent. I promise to raise a little boy who sees little girls as his equals and believes that little girls can and should jump as high as he can.

I promise to raise a little boy who respects women because I will first show him how to respect me.

I promise to raise a little boy who respects men because I will first show him how to respect his father.

I promise to raise a little boy who respects all living things around him because I will first show him that stepping on bugs just for the sake of killing them, is never ok. I promise to raise a little boy who respects his environment by first showing him that throwing candy wrappers on the floor litters our beautiful planet.

I promise to teach my son that he has no right to take anyone’s life unless his own is being threatened and even then, there is always another solution to meeting violence with even more violence. I promise to raise a little boy who sees diversity as an asset, and not a threat! I promise to teach my son tolerance by teaching him Spanish so that he understands the value of empathizing with a culture different from his own. I promise to raise a little boy who doesn’t feel entitled by making sure he realizes that every meal on his table and every toy in his basket is gift. I promise to raise a little boy who listens to differing opinions with a sense of curiosity and not bigotry. And finally America, I promise to raise a son that this country would be proud to have as their president because if my standards as his own mother are low, then the standards he will have for himself once he’s an adult will be even lower.

I promise to raise my son in these ways and more, because one day this little boy of mine will become a man. And he will see little girls as women and he will see little boys as men. And he will have to interact with them on an entirely different level. Instead of fighting over who gets to go down the slide first, they might be fighting over who gets to run the country.

And if my son is used to bullying his way through life, shoving little boys out of the way so he can go first and disrespecting little girls because he thinks they’re inferior to him, you bet he’s going to be that way as a man.

Basically what I am saying is this: If you were upset with the tone of our election season this year and you felt frustrated with our candidates and now you feel dissatisfied with our election results instead of bemoaning what already happened, a positive action step you can take right now is make the commitment to raise your child the way you would want the president of the United States to raise our nation. What type of man or woman would you want raising our country?

Think about it. Really, really think about. Think about all the characteristics, traits, skills and values you would want the leader of our nation to have. Once you have your answer, simply commit to raising your child with your answer in mind.

Remember, the journey of 1,000 miles begins with just 1 step.

One day the journey will be over and your son or daughter will become the man or woman you raised them to be. You will be looking back at the 1,000 miles you traversed together and you will be thanking yourself for making the commitment to raise a child our nation would be proud to have as their president.

Keep Rocking Moms.

YOU are currently raising the next generation of leaders.

Besos Bella Mama