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You will NEVER achieve your dreams if you don't learn to master this FIRST.

"As a woman thinketh, so is she"

Mama let me be real with you for a moment and give you some tough love I WISH I would have gotten years ago. Let me be totally clear and tell you that I write what I know. I don't write based off of theory and I certainly don't write to get some advertiser zillions of clicks, shares, and likes. I write with the intention of helping at least 1 person and if I do, I consider that a success. I write based off of personal experience and I choose to share my life and stories with you in the hopes that you learn from my shortcomings and benefit from my success.

Mama, we are in this thing called "life" together and when we're dead and buried, competition won't matter anymore. The only thing that will matter will be the legacy we leave. Even though I'm only 27 and have absolutely no plans of dying any time soon, death doesn't make appointments with anyone. And so with this in mind, I need you to know that I have an extremely profound lesson to share with you this week that simply cannot wait. I've been waiting 3 years to share this and it's finally time. In fact it's way, way over due. I need you to know this NOW because mastering this lesson will allow you to manifest your wildest and most amazing dreams, but likewise, failing to master this will completely destroy your life.

I 100% guarantee it.

In all the years I've been alive, through all the classes I took in school and during all the deep classroom discussions I had during my 6 years in college not once was this lesson brought up. Not one single time. And if it was brought up, it was brought up in a vague and un-impactful manner. This lesson is one of those lessons that needs to be extremely clear because you simply cannot afford to be vague with this. By the time you are done reading this, I want this lesson to be 100% clear for you but more than that, I need you to commit to taking action and ownership over this lesson because everyone you love and everything you have is at stake. This lesson is so powerful I've already begun teaching it to my 4 year old because I want him to harness this power as early as possible. You would be wise to teach it to your children, too.

Ok mama, enough suspense. Here is the lesson--the most powerful realization I've ever experienced is this:

My thoughts have a direct and undeniable influence on my reality.

You might be sitting there reading this like, "Seriously? I already knew that." Yea, trust me, I already "knew that" too before I truly knew it. I simply cannot capture the weight of this realization in words, but I will do my best. This realization is more of a sentiment rather than a thing. It's more of a feeling, one of those aha! light-bulb moments. I'm positive this isn't the first time you've heard of this but if it is, I want to make sure my words have so much weight they leave a dent in your mind. Sooner rather than later you will need to master this and put this lesson to use if wish to transform your dreams into a noteworthy reality. Much sooner, actually.

Failing to master my thoughts has brought tremendous amounts of pain into my life but learning to tame and harness my wild mind has also brought me unparalleled amounts of success and joy. I can tell you with 100% confidence in plain Jane English that when my thoughts are crap my life goes to hell. But when my thoughts are abundant and positive, my life is glorious. When I choose to evoke thoughts of love instead of hate, when I express sentiments of compassion instead of judgement and when I bet on hope instead of misery, the events in my life IMMEDIATELY respond by manifesting positive events in my life, and I'm talking within hours . When I have moments of weakness (and f*ck, I've had so many) my thoughts begin robotically marching down their familiar and well-paved path of negativity, cynicism and pain. And you know what happens when I think shitty thoughts and feel shitty things? Events in my life immediately go to hell. My thoughts literally help me manifest the exact OPPPOSITE of what I want when I choose to think negatively, but if I choose to tell my thoughts to shut the hell up and sit in the corner because I'm in charge, my life responds by manifesting positive events for me within a matter of hours (and I am not exaggerating).

Basically, I've learned that life WILL reward you for learning to master your thoughts or alternately, life will gladly punish you for failing to do so.

Mama, what I am trying to tell you is this:

Your thoughts will directly influence the events in your life whether you understand the depth of this concept or not. Your thoughts will and do have a direct impact on all the things that happen and don't happen to you.

Before you go on with your day, I want to share with you a very personal story that prompted my decision to write this post. My husband Jeff has been building his Real Estate Investment business on his days off and during his free time for about 10 months now. He is very excited about hustling a business that he can call his own and I have been very involved in everything he's doing to grow his business just as he's been very involved in everything I'm doing to grow mine. Suddenly, something powerful started happening to us that was past the level of coincidence. These events became so blatantly obvious we would have to be flat-out blind, deaf and dumb to ignore them. We started to notice a pattern. This pattern was impeccable and consistent and it never missed a beat. Every single time we fought or there was some level of disharmony in our relationship, a business deal would fall through for Jeff. Every. Single. Time. If there was ANY form of negative energy circulating in our relationship, it would affect our business immediately! Money is after all just energy, and if our energy was off-putting and unharmonious, money refused to flow to us. In fact, our energy would repel money and it would go running the opposite way.


Whenever Jeff and I are in sync, whenever we choose to exude harmony and love with our thoughts and our words, when we work together as a team and we refuse to think thoughts of scarcity and instead focus on abundance and gratitude, wow mama, the change is immediate and awesome and undeniable. The energy shift that happens to us is so powerful we simply couldn't ignore it. And the pattern is so obvious, a 2-year old could recognize it. And so, I am choosing to share this very personal story with you in hopes that you learn from our mistakes and vow to choose your thoughts with intention and purpose. It is my sincere wish and mission to empower every single ambitious mother to become her own boss and reach her ultimate potential because an empowered mom is an unstoppable woman. But this potential you and I both know you have within you will never be reached if you don't first learn to master your thoughts. Today and for the rest of your life, please vow to choose your thoughts wisely mama. Your success and the success of your family, your business, your relationships and your LIFE will directly depend on your ability to master your mind and harness your thoughts because if you aren't in control of your thoughts, believe me, your thoughts will be in control of you.

And that is a dangerous place to be.

Let's vow to choose thoughts of:

Abundance over scarcity.

Courage over fear.

Empathy over judgement.

Gratitude over jealousy.

Hope over cynicism.

And love over hate.

Our babes are worth it, and so are you.

Besos Bella Mama


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