• Victoria Garcia

How To Make 2017 Your B*tch

The other day, Jeff and I were sitting in my car in the parking lot of Pei Wei and before we went in, Jeff took a moment to tell me how proud he was of me. This gentle moment allowed me to pause and really reflect on everything I accomplished this year. As 2016 comes to a screeching halt, I want to take a moment to pause and acknowledge the biggest lessons I learned over the course of 365 days. 2016 was a MASSIVE year of growth for me. I mean, probably the largest I've ever had. The brain I have today on December 31st 2016 is a completely different brain than the one I started with on January 1st 2016. And the ONLY thing that changed for me this year was my thoughts.

That's it.

It was really that simple, but equally, so difficult.

This was the year that changed it all. This was the year when all the questions I couldn't seem to find answers to, finally got their answers. This was the year that brought me the clarity I prayed for 5 years ago when my life was falling apart (or so I thought it was). 2016 was the year that taught me how to let go of everything that was holding me back and hold onto everything that would propel me forward. This year more than any other year before it, taught me that my happiness, success, my perceived failures and my sense of fulfillment all begins with me, and more specifically, with my thoughts.

If there is anything I implore you to do before you start tackling your 2017 goals, resolutions, dreams, plans (whatever you want to call them) it's this: Master your thoughts mama.


And it sounds so pretty and almost whimsical right?

To "master our thoughts."

But if you're anything like I was, you're probably slightly annoyed and asking yourself, "What the hell does that even mean?!" And even now, as I write these final words to you during the last day of the year, I stumble as I try to put into plain English what "mastering your thoughts" really means. Let me first begin by telling you what "mastering my thoughts" means to me and then I'll end with a couple action steps you can take to begin mastering your own thoughts in 2017.

What Thought Mastery Means To Me

For me, the idea of thought mastery begins with the conscious decision to take control over the way I think and act. It wasn't until I became aware that my thoughts create my beliefs, which in turn prompt my actions and ultimately create my reality that I became hyper aware of the way in which I was thinking and speaking to myself and to everyone around me. If I kept telling myself things like "I'm broke" and I kept telling everyone around me "Hey! We're broke!" then sure enough, our asses were going to stay broke. Not only because that is what I kept unconsciously manifesting, but also because the minds of OTHER PEOPLE were helping to manifest that reality too. That's why prayer is so powerful because when you join two or more minds to pray for a common cause, the combined thoughts create an impenetrable energy field that is tossed up into the Universe and sent back down to manifest that which was being prayed for. The same holds true for our words. Think of your every day joe-shmo words as a form of prayer. If you think of your words as prayer, you will begin to speak differently, I promise you. You will become more deliberte about every word that leaves your mouth. Also, be extremely cautious of the words you tell others because their combined minds have enormous power to manifest whatever it is you are saying to them. Let me give you an example to help put all of this stuff into context. Let's say, I wrote the following as my status update on Facebook, "2016 was a horrible year for us. We are so broke and not quite sure how we're going to make it into 2017." When you read that, what kinds of images and thoughts about me come into your mind? Not very pleasant ones right? Now read this, "2016 was an incredible year of growth for us. We feel so abundant and we're excited about the possibilities that 2017 will bring." What kinds of images and thoughts about me come into your mind now? Totally different, right? So, here's my point. Whatever you choose to tell yourself and others is the reality that you and the people around you are helping to manifest. If you are CONSTANTLY telling people how broke you are you will stay broke through your own ability to manifest AND through the ability of others to maifest. So, be extremely mindful about the way you think and speak. In fact, be obsessed with only speaking thoughts of abundance and limitless possibility for your life. I'll think thoughts of abundance for you and you can think thoughts of abundance for me. Deal?

Action Steps You Can Take in 2017 To Master Your Thoughts

1.) Read or listen to As A Man Thinketh by James Allen.

I won't say much about this book other than you need to read it. Sorry not sorry. Consume this content and don't just read it, study it and execute it. The book is only 38 pages long so you have no excuse. Mastering your thoughts is the first step to achieving the life you truly desire. If you are not in control of your thoughts, your thoughts WILL gain control over you and that is a control you do NOT want to surrender. Tony Robbins is a huge fan of this book and he read it dozens and dozens of times until the message sank. I suggest you do the same. And I will too.

2.) Change the way you speak to yourself and to others

Your words have an insane amount of power over your life. It's actually border line magic. Truly, if there was ever any proof that magic existed in this world, it would be proven through the capacity for our words to manifest our reality. So with this knowledge, I suggest you begin with 2 simple changes to your thoughts and words: No more scarcity talk and no more limiting thoughts.

No More Scarcity Talk

Instead of looking at something you want and glancing at the price tag and saying "That's too expensive" ask yourself instead "How can I afford this?" That simple shift will allow your brain to work proactively and scan for solutions instead of cowering and falling victim to the asphyxiating scarcity mentality. The sheer abundance scattered all over this planet is truly mind-boggling. I mean, just look around a mall at all the clothes and shoes hanging on racks or walk around your favorite grocery store and marvel at the zillions of food items stacked neatly in every pocket of the store. Do you live out in the middle of nowhere? Look out and observe the endless blades of grass that cover every field or lawn. Look at the thousands of branches stemming out of every tree or try and count the pine needles, leaves, or pine cones on just 1 tree. Now try to count all the pine needles, leaves and pine cones in an entire forest. At night look up and allow yourself to feel consumed by the billions of stars that blanket our evenings. I mean the abundance we are CONSTANTLY surrounded by is mind boggling! Truly insane. Train your brain to scan for these examples of abundance and you will eventually destroy the scarcity mentality because you'll discover that scarcity doesn't exist.

It never has and it never will.

No More Limiting Thoughts

Becoming aware of my limiting thoughts was probably one of my greatest victories of 2016. Notice I didn't say "conquering my limiting thoughts." Conquering my limiting beliefs is something I am still working on, on a daily basis, but I am priding myself on gaining AWARENESS of my limiting thoughts. Simply becoming aware of how much you limit yourself by limiting your thoughts is more than half the battle. If someone hasn't pointed this out to you, let me take a moment to do it myself. If you have ever said to yourself, "that's too expensive" or "I can't afford that" or "I'll start doing that when (insert excuse here)" or "I can't do that because (insert 2nd lame excuse here) YOU ARE LIMITING YOURSELF!!!


You are an effing GODDESS mama!!! Capable of making and birthing and feeding and raising a HUMAN frikin being. You can do anything--anything! Don't you dare kick-off 2017 with limiting thoughts about your potential and your capacity to achieve incredible things in your personal life and your professional life. Let me share with you an example of how I was limiting myself and then we'll wrap this up? Sound good?

One of my most exciting dreams has been to travel throughout Europe with my husband and son. However, I've been discouraged from this dream over and over because of the cost of travel. I felt as though we would never be able to accomplish this dream because of the money we would have to fork up to do it. But then, I started researching. I discovered bloggers, vloggers, entire online communities and families who had either traveled for free or traveled at little to no cost to them. My jaw dropped. All along, I thought that the ONLY way to travel was to save up a shit ton of money over the course of several years and then blow it all on some epic 2-3 week vacation (which in hindsight sounds like a horrible idea). I eventually realized that the way I was thinking about travel was extremely limiting and it was making me feel stressed out and bummed about the whole thing. But here's the secret sauce to becoming aware: If you ever feel HOPELESS about anything, it's because you are limiting your thoughts! Don't do this! It will kill your creativity and it will definitely kill your ability to take positive action. Instead of feeling hopeless about a situation, begin to scour the internet for examples of people who are currently doing whatever it is that you want to do or who currently have whatever it is that you want to have. Then, study the hell out of these people. Figure out exactly what they did to have whatever it is that you want and then, copy them! If you can't find the examples you need, BECOME your own example and document your journey. When you share what you've learned, you are bound to help someone somewhere. I guarantee it. Don't limit your possibilities. Don't limit your potential. And definitely DON'T limit your thoughts. Control your thoughts, harness your thoughts, dominate your thoughts and once your thoughts are nice and trained, set them free and expose them to the gorgeous abundance of possibilities that are at your disposal just to help you succeed.

If you begin 2017 with a choke collar on your thoughts, I guarantee you, you will make 2017 your bitch.

Besos Bella Mama