• Victoria Garcia

5 Ways Travel Can Be The Best Boost For Your Business

"We travel because we need to, because distance and difference are the secret tonic to creativity. When we get home, home is still the same, but something in our minds has changed, and that changes everything"


As a mom and business owner, I put a ton of pressure on myself every single day. Between making sure Liam is eating mostly organic home-cooked meals, to making sure I am doing at least 1 thing every day to grow my business, I am usually burnt out and tired as hell at the end of my days.

For months I had been surviving at an unsustainable pace and the pressure I was putting myself under was soul-sucking. It was affecting my marriage, my happiness and my overall quality of life. I knew something needed to change, but the feeling of having to be a flawless entrepreneurial Mexican stepford wife was consuming my life. This self-induced stress was killing my creativity, blurring my focus and making me perform at my absolute worst. I put on 12lbs of pure stress weight and had to go shopping for new pants. #ILoveLeggings

What the hell was my problem? Why was I so effing stressed?

The answer was simple: I had forgotten how to LIVE.

Life had become solely about sticking to a schedule, following through with a routine and becoming almost robot-like in all my actions. No wonder I was stressed! I wasn't living a life that was true to my myself or my values.

On March 30th my family and I hopped on a plane to Mexico and we had one of the most fulfilling family vacations to date.

We originally traveled to Mexico for my cousin's wedding but ended up staying long after the love birds exchanged their vows. Unfortunately my husband had to return to Colorado for work but my mom, Liam and I stayed in Mexico for an extra 2 weeks. We visited 6 states and 11 cities and enjoyed a level of happiness I haven't felt in years. We were in Mexico for a total of 20 days and frankly, it was the best thing I could have done for my business.

If you are in a rut, whether its personal or business, you need to get re-inspired and traveling is one of the best ways to do this! I can almost hear you complaining about the cost...Stop! The dollar to peso exchange rate is unbelievable right now. You get about $19 pesos for every dollar. You can easily eat a meal for about $60 pesos which is about $3 U.S. dollars. Multiply that by 3 meals per day and you've spent a whopping $9 on food. I bet you spend more than that on just your lunch! The point I'm trying to make is that traveling is totally do-able and the amazing ROI (Return on investment) of travel is well worth your investment. You will do more for your business while you're on vacation than you will sitting at home banging your head on the computer for 12 hours a day.

Summer is next month mama. Start browsing Expedia and stop buying $5 lattes at Starbucks and use your coffee money to buy yourself some inspiration instead! Experiences are worth more than their weight in gold, so gift yourself the pleasure of LIVING a life worth having. I promise you, your business will prosper from your newfound excitement for life.

After being in Mexico for 20 days and reminding myself how to LIVE, I came up with the following 5 reasons why travel is sometimes the best thing you can do for your business; especially if you're stagnant and uninspired.

1.) Travel is the ultimate wealth-vibe

The first time I heard the term "wealth-vibe" was 2 years ago in my business development course. Think of wealth-vibing as the feeling you get when you're doing something that makes you feel abundant and wealthy. Traveling in first class is a perfect example of wealth-vibing. The seats are larger, the service is fantastic and you get decent food, movies and alcohol. Wealth-vibing is an important key to building a successful business because the feeling of abundance is something you want to convey to your customers and followers through your products, services and brand. In order to offer your best, you have to feel your best. One of the ways you can do this is by exuding some serious wealth-vibes, and travel is the ultimate wealth vibe. Travel allows you to live new experiences, see new views, eat new foods, smile at new faces and for a moment, live a totally new life. The entire experience of traveling is filled with a richness you simply can't find at home.

If international travel is not in the cards for you right now, don't stress. The point here is to get out of your comfort zone and get re-inspired by new experiences. Go to a new coffee shop you've never visited. Go on a mini-road trip with your kids and visit a new town together. Go to a new bookstore and get lost in the maze of books. The whole point of wealth-vibing is to capture the feeling you get when you're doing something that makes your life feel richer. I'm not necessarily referring to money, I am referring to experiences that make you feel abundant. New experiences are the best and easiest way to make your life feel richer and more fulfilling.

2.) Travel opens the flood gates to your creativity

Because traveling is such a sensory-rich experience, a boost in your creativity is inevitable. Any business owner knows that creativity is non-negotiable when it comes to growing and developing a business. While sales might be the heart beat that keeps the business alive, creativity is the blood that flows throughout the business and gives it life. Without creativity your business becomes stagnant and slowly begins to die. New ideas are necessary to keep a business going but the only way to generate new ideas is by making room in the mind for them to grow. If you're feeling stuck and out of ideas, its probably because the life-blood of your business (your creativity) is suffering. I cannot emphasize enough how incredible travel is for boosting creativity.

New sites inspire you to see life in a new way.

New flavors remind you how delicious life truly is and inspire you to savor your days.

New sounds beckon you to dance and move your body in ways you haven't moved in years!

The overall sensation of newness is invigorating and fun. When you get a sudden reminder that life is joyous and totally exciting, your creativity is bound to rush back.

3.) Travel re-inspires you to take massive action

After 20 days in Mexico I came home rested, happy and ready to take massive action. It is completely impossible to grow a business when you are stressed, uninspired and depressed. I was all of those things and my business was suffering for it. While I was in Mexico I saw that there was a totally different way of living that did not involve suffering or unhappiness. I came home re-energized, excited and ready to take massive action to achieve the life I know my family and I deserve to have. Travel is the best way to get a taste of the life you know you want to have. You want the freedom to go to the beach on a Monday morning if you feel like it.

You want the time to hang out with your kids and go on exciting adventures with them.

You want the money to do all these things and the financial peace of mind to do them. Travel helps to re-inspire you and more importantly, it reminds you that there's a life out there you could be living! But in order to live that dream life, you have to take massive daily action to achieve it. Travel can serve as the fuel to get that action going!

4.) Travel allows you to experience different ways of solving THE SAME problem

One problem I've had since becoming a mom is finding kid-friendly places to eat and drink some coffee. Tantrums don't really happen at restaurants anymore because Liam is 5 now, but between the ages of 0-3, dining out was a special kind of parenting hell. While I was in Mexico there were SO many restaurants (and coffee shops!) that were kid-friendly! There were swings and play sets inside of the restaurants and the kids played while the adults took long blissful sips of coffee. It was glorious, a total parenting heaven and one of those head-slap moments where you ask yourself why the hell don't we have this back in the states?

If you take a close look, you can see a play structure right behind us. This was inside an upscale dining establishment called Sanborns. We stayed at this restaurant for 2.5 hours and ate peacefully without rushing because Liam had a place to play.

Here is another example of an upscale dining restaurant called La Parroquia located in Veracruz, Mexico which also has a convenient play structure for kids. Again, we enjoyed a leisurely 2-hour coffee chat at 11pm at night because Liam had a place to play and hang out while we sipped on coffee and chatted for hours.

Yes, we have places like Chick-Fil-A and McDonalds and Burger King but what about the nicer places? Parents get sick of hanging out smelly uninspiring fast-food joints. This inevitably prompted many business ideas for me and got my creativity juices flowing. Traveling to different parts of the world allows you to see how people from different countries solve the same exact problems you have at home. If their solution is more effective than yours, bring their solution back home and profit from their ingenuity!

5.) Travel gives you amazing business ideas

Aside from the whole play structures in restaurants idea, there were countless other business ideas I stumbled upon in Mexico. The thing is, travel allows you to step outside of the realm of everything you know and enter into an entirely different world where you are unfamiliar with everything. This helps you view life with a clean slate and in an unbiased way. Your way of doing things suddenly isn't the only way of doing things and that's ok. In fact, its more than ok because it puts you in a learning state of mind. You might discover that someone else's way of living and doing things can 10X the quality of your life. So if it has the potential to increase the quality of your life, why not others? Travel allows you to discover secret sauces around the globe. Why not bring the best sauces back home and build a business with them!?

Summer is only a month away. Your kids will be out of school soon and you will be pulling your hair out trying to figure out ways to keep them entertained for 2.5 months. Venture out of your safe neighborhood. Travel around your state. Go on a mini day trip with your kids and get lost down roads you've never driven on. Go to an Ethiopian restaurant and make your kids try something new. Play some Cuban music on Spotify and dance with your husband in the kitchen. Enrichment begins with small steps at home that eventually lead to bigger steps around the globe. And if you're trying to build a successful business that will thrive and excite people, traveling is without a doubt one of the best ways to breathe new life into your business.

Besos Bella Mama