• Victoria Garcia

You ARE enough. So stop acting like you're not.

My entire 20's have been a huge blur of me feeling like I'm never enough.

For years I haven't felt:

Pretty enough

Skinny enough

Legit enough

Smart enough

Healthy enough

Capable enough

Confident enough


You get it.

I pretty much haven't felt "good enough" to do anything meaningful with my life and it dawned on me just today.

It swooped down on me like a hungry hawk swooping down on an unsuspecting rabbit munching on a blade of grass.

It came out of friekin' nowhere.

And you know what? It made me feel really sad. I have been selling myself short for years and under-cutting my value like its nobody's business. I've missed out hundreds of opportunities throughout my life because I didn't feel like I was "good enough" to go for it. I would always psych myself out and say, "Why bother applying? Why bother going after it? There has to be someone out there way more qualified than me for this opportunity." But that is EXACTLY the mindset that has gotten me where I am today. I can't say I am totally miserable and unfulfilled because I am not. I have many things in my life that I adore and am so grateful for. But have I become the version of myself I know I am MEANT to be? God, no. I am no where close to being the woman who has begged me to birth her for years. But in order for this new version of myself to be born, the old one has to die. Might sound morbid and weird, but when you are trying to become an epic version of yourself your previous less-epic version has to go.

So take this as a brief, but very public testimony that I am ready to move on. I am ready to let go of the old version of myself who has been clinging onto my ankles and holding me back for years. I am ready to shake that bitch off.

As for you my friend, I am positive you ARE enough.

All those limiting beliefs that have been holding you back are lies. Big ugly lies designed by some lower-power to prevent you from stepping into your awesomeness.

Coming from someone who hasn't felt like "enough" for over a decade let me tell you right now that I totally get you, but you are enough! Everything you have right now, at this very moment is more than enough for you to go and achieve all those badass dreams you have been putting off for way too long.

You ARE pretty enough

You ARE healthy enough

You ARE legit enough

You ARE smart enough

You ARE capable enough

You ARE confident enough

YOU ARE ENOUGH so don't allow yourself to believe that you're not!

Channel that inner badass inside of you that has been waiting for you to step into your power.

No more waiting my friend. Too much time has gone by. Too many opportunities have been missed.

The time to do epic shit is NOW.

So go out and do it.

Because you're more than ready enough.

You were BORN enough.

Besos Bella Mama

Victoria Garcia